Who Is Rust & Pine Co.?

We are a small niche company based out of Ardrossan, Alberta, just east of Sherwood Park. Our passion for Men’s grooming came from the desire to create products that performed great and anyone would be proud to use. We love it when someone tries our products for the first time, and they can’t believe how well it worked!

  How it started was literally a joke… I grew my beard out to BUG my wife, and when she liked it, I was left to figure out how to deal with a dry and itchy beard. With a background in oil analysis, I started to research and develop oils and balms that where perfectly balanced and incredibly beneficial to the skin and hair. By making these products with many distinct essential oil scents, we found that anyone could find a product they loved. As men’s grooming continued to grow, we to have expanded our offerings to include unique shaving and cleansing products, as well as must have grooming accessories.

Education and understanding your grooming products are key to successful men’s grooming. Feel the difference thoughtful, natural ingredients make. We hope that you love the products as much as we loved making them for you!