About us


 We are a husband and wife team, working together to create great smelling, natural products that perform even on the toughest beards.  After deciding to grow out my "mane", I quickly found that there were few beard products here in Alberta, Canada.  After much research and sourcing, I decided to take on the task of creating a bespoke beard balm for myself.  Through many iterations, I found a recipe that I could use daily, that helped with irritation, did not clog my pores, had great hold, and styled amazingly well.  As people noticed how well the product worked, and how great it smelled, they started asking about how to get some.  The rest is history….

We love creating quality products, and continue to seek out new items that everyone would love too.  If you have feedback for us, or just have a question, feel free to contact us at
We look forward to hearing from YOU!