Why Rust and Pine Co.?

Who we are....

We are a company passionate about quality, all natural mens care products.  We believe there should be no mystery to the ingredients we put in our products.  Each item is carefully planned and skillfully executed, so you can feel comfortable with what you put on your beard and face.  Each time you use our products, we want you to feel the difference natural makes.  
We are proud to be helping men be MEN, one beard at a time.

Why should I use beard balm and oil???

Has your beard ever felt like a tumble weed, scouring pad, or wire brush?  Do you ever get an itch under your beard that you can never get?  How about that irritation of new beard growth, where you hair finally gets long enough, but decides to turn around and attack your face...

These are just a few reasons we encourage fine gentlemen, such as yourself, to nourish their beard with a quality balm and oil.  Start your day with few drops of beard oil, rubbed throughout the beard, giving it moisture, shine and softness.  This will quickly become your favourite part of your day!  Once you are ready to head out for the day, a small amount of balm, rubbed in your hands, then spread throughout your beard and moustache, helps to shape and style you mane.  And don't worry, this balm won't dry out your hair, as it is packed with moisturizing oils and shea butter, to keep your beard feeling great.  Also, no need for a cologne, as our beard balm and oil smell great, and last all day.

You owe it to yourself to use the best grooming products, and that's why we are here to help.